Silt Fence

Erosion Works install all types of silt fence. All types are mechanically sliced in, secured with 2×2 wood or steel posts, and fastened with 8” lathe to protect it from all weather conditions.

Silt fence is generally used as perimeter control to keep sediment on site. Silt fence slows runoff allowing water to flow through while filtering sediment and keeping it on site. Silt fence is made of geotextile fabric and is machine sliced or trenched into the ground 8 to 12 inches, leaving 2 feet of fabric above ground.

The trench is filled and soil compacted next to the fabric. Steel or wooden posts are attached to the fabric located on the downstream side of water flow. Posts must be at least 5 feet long, embedded 2 feet into the ground and secured with three zip ties in the upper 8 inches of fabric.

Inlet Protection

Inlet protections protect storm drain inlets by filtering out sediment while allowing water to pass through. Some can sit on top of the inlet or surround the inlet, while others are inside the inlet. Inlet protections come in many varieties such as; prefabricated protections, various logs and bags.

When choosing your inlet protection it is important to know one size does not fit all. Different protections are designed for different inlets. When choosing your inlet protection consider installation and maintenance ease, safety and effectiveness.

Install inlet protections to specifications provided, and be sure there are no gaps, rips or holes allowing water to be unfiltered. Inlet protections must be cleaned when 1/2 full.